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About Me

Hello my name is Sunil Sethi, I am a licensed real estate broker in California.  More than likely you're in this section to learn something about me, to see if you and I connect.  I hope we can. Here's a brief resume:

undergraduate and graduate degrees

  • University of California at Berkeley, BA Economics
  • University of California at Los Angeles, Anderson School of Business, MBA
  • London Business School, course work in finance, strategy and marketing
  • University of San Francisco, Intensive Accounting Coursework


  • California Licensed Broker for Real Estate and Loans
  • California Licensed Certified Public Accountant (inactive)


Work Experience

  • SUNIL SETHI REAL ESTATE, Broker, President
    Voted Best of 2018, 2016, 2013 & 2011 Real Estate Firm by Readers of the Argus Newspaper
  • Show and Sell Realty, Broker Associate
    Voted Best of 2006, 2005 Real Estate Firm by Readers of the Argus Newspaper
  • SMA Financing, Owner, Broker
    Voted Best of 2006, 2005 Mortgage Broker Firm by Readers of the Argus Newspaper
  • Morrison & Foerster, (Law firm) Finance and Tax Manager, CPA (inactive)
  • Arthur Anderson, Tax Senior, Financial Planner, CPA (inactive)
  • Netscape, Business Development, Marketing and Strategy
  • Consultant, Helping early stage companies raise money and acquire early customer
  • Softface (acquired by Ariba), Business Development, Marketing, Sales

Education and analytics is my forte. If you want to work with some, who knows real estate, likes to pass on knowledge, is comfortable with numbers, taxes, mortgages, and can do what if scenarios on the fly, than give me a call.   

Personal Market Forecast - March 24, 2018

Interest rates have risen, inventory is still as tight as ever. Most new construction in Fremont is townhosue style condominiums. This will increase the demand on detached homes. I would expect them to appreciate more than condos in the years ahead. These crazy high prices will seem cheap in a year. No one still knows what and will the next correction will take place, which is always the case.  Buy something you like, and will be happy with for 5-7 years. Make sure you can afford it. 

Personal Market Forecast - April 26, 2016

Interest rates are still low, buyers are continuing to enter the market, however, I feel buyers are more cautious than they were 1 year ago. Also seeing more sellers this year, but that may just be a change in my selling mix. My advice to buyers is buy something you will be happy with for 7-10 years, that you can afford the payments on. My advice to sellers, is this a sellers market, and if you want to do something else with your home equity now is the time.

Personal Market Forecast - June 10, 2015

It looks like the market is taking a couple of breaths now that we have reached what will most likely be the peak in available inventory this year. Interest rates across the globe are at near time highs, but still historically low. Job growth is considered good to great in the Bay Area. I would not interpret this breather as time of panic but just that summer has began and I know right now a lot of folks are out on vacation and next week, next month it can get crazy again.

Personal Market Forecast - Oct. 23, 2012

The market changed on Jan. 1, 2012 from a buyer's market to a seller's market. After the New Year's Eve celebration, we started getting 6-7 new clients each week, with most being buyers. The one thing we heard most was that folks felt this was the time to buy because rates were low and so were home prices. As we normally see with our new home buyers, many were about to be married, newlyweds, expecting or with kids see needing schools. Though we have seen many buyers enter the market, we haven’t seen the sellers come out yet. The result has been a rise in home prices. Also banks are taking fewer properties to foreclosure, with the only good news being that shorts sales are closing at a higher rate than last year. Net-net, my advice is that if you want to buy now, you will have to be aggressive, as you will be competing against others in your bidding. I do believe that pricing will continue to rise here in the Bay Area and especially in areas with good schools, because our economy is strong and folks have to send their kids to school, and those with money will always choose Fremont for its central location and great schools.

Personal Market Forecast - Sept. 30, 2010

The market maybe changing again. Things are still selling and I'm still getting multiple offers but instead of 3-4 offers its like 2. As a seller show your property well, price according to comps, and try to pick the buyer who's most likely going to close (finances and love with property), and they're are still plenty of buyers and new ones continue to come out - but they want a property which speaks value to them, ready to move in, and will hold its worth if thinks get worse. 

Personal Market Forecast - Oct. 26, 2009

Prices have improved in some neighborhoods and are declining in others. Every home priced according to the last sale gets multiple offers. However homes without relevant comps are difficult for buyers to value or appraiser to appraiser. With this being the last week to take advantage of the 1st time home buyer program, activity has picked noticeable this week. However I don't expect any significant drop in activity after this week, because the supply of homes is tight and rates are expected to rise and this will also drive buyers to act now. Historically prices are now were they should and should increase hopefully in a reasonable manner in the years ahead.

Personal Market Forecast - April 6, 2009

The market is definitely getting excited. I looked at a home in Newark yesterday priced at $422,700. This property needed about $50k of work. There's another exact model property for sale that just came on the market asking $429,950, which will get full price, and maybe more, because it's in perfect condition with excellent upgrades. Even though the $422,700 property has been one market 55 days - think discount, a real estate agent has bid $390,000 for this property - all cash, and close in 15 days. He should have bid $360-$370k. It shows that people are behaving frantically. Even though this is a local agent, he's obviously letting his emotions get in the way of his decision making process. In the low end, I'm seeing a lot of buyers are out looking for a deal, and most properties are getting multiple buyers. My advice to all is stay cool. Love the home but don't bid more than current comps suggest.

Personal Market Forecast - July 15, 2007

The market seemed to be in a lull the last 30 days, but looks to be picking up again. If you're buying in the east bay outside of Fremont's Mission School's District, you'll find it easier to buy. What that means is you'll be able to bargain and multiple opportunities to view the property. It doesn't mean you chop 10% off the price it sold for last year. If you want to do that go to Stockton, Mountain house and other outlying areas. Good luck and call me if you want me to help you find some bargains.

Personal Market Forecast - May 25, 2007

The market is currently location and segment sensitive. San Francisco and most of the peninsula continue to be short on supply and plenty of buyers, with selling prices going over listing. The same can be said of the Mission Area in Fremont. However, the low end market is suffering, specifically the condo market. Since sub-prime lending is gone, a segment of the entry level buyers is effectively gone from the demand equation. The only way the low end can improve is by new lending standards on "A" paper, which I don't see happening or lower interests, which is also not happening near term. So I expect continued weakness in the low end, mixed results in the middle, and strength in the high end, especially for neighborhoods dominated by schools.

Personal Market Forecast - August 8, 2006

It's definitely become a buyer's market, however, there has been no free fall in the value of homes. My advice continues to be that people need to live in homes, because there is an intangible worth in living in a home that you own. So I'll say again, if you like the property- Buy It, and don't if you don't like it.

Personal Market Forecast - February 22, 2006

Looking back 2001-2005 we'll remember it as the time we had really low rates and properties prices went up too fast. 2006 is a year that is still not understood. However I do still believe that as long as you are buying something you plan to live in for at least 5 years, you won't lose money.  Simply because the demographic factors are on your side. Demand for housing is strong, and will remain so, supply of new housing is constrained. CAR states that demand for 2006 will be 250,000 units and supply will be at 200,000 units. So buy if you like the property, and don't if you don't like it.

However if you are buying a home less than $700K, please play with the Rent vs. Buy Spreadsheet so understand the assumptions necessary for you to be better off in buying.

On How to Choose a Realtor®

Searching for your dream home can be a time-consuming experience. Working with a professional Realtor will make the process much more efficient.


Since most people spend a fair amount of time with their Realtor, it's important to choose a Realtor you feel comfortable with, and one who is responsive to your needs. The following questions will help you decide if a particular Realtor is right for you:

  • Do they have the educational background you that you’re looking for?

  • Do they ask you questions to determine what you want/need in a house?

  • Do they perform a financial analysis to help you determine how much you can afford?

  • Are they comfortable with number?

  • Do they suggest financing methods?

  • Do they explain things clearly?

  • Do they seem knowledgeable about the community?

  • Do you feel comfortable spending time with them?

  • Do they have an MBA from a top school?

  • How comfortable are they with financing and taxes?

  • Are they easy to get hold of?

  • Are they going to be doing the work or is their assistant going to be doing the open houses, and broker tour.

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