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SUNIL SETHI REAL ESTATE AgentFremont Realtor comments on Real Estate for Fremont, Union City, Newark, haywardSunil Sethi - Broker with SUNIL SETHI REAL ESTATE2011 Reader's Choice Best of Fremont Realtor2013 Reader's Choice Best of Fremont Realtor

I met Sunil Sethi, when he put the house next door up for sale. It was a real eyesore of a property, but he transformed it into one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood, and then sold it for the highest price/sqft anyone has sold for in this community in 6 years. I was impressed by the way he handled the transformation of the property and how sold it. He did the same magic when sold my home. His team managed to sell it for higher than it sold for during the housing peak. I highly recommend Sunil Sethi Real Estate, both Sunil Sethi and Steven Fong are top notch.

Ian King,
Ardenwood community,
Fremont, CA


You're a true professional Sunil. Every once in awhile good things happen to us in life, and I think when I chose you as our agent it was one of those good things. Thanks for your day-in and day-out professional care. Thanks for making the experience easy. Working with you was a pleasure. I have already recommended you to my clients and family. Please continue to let me know when an opportunity to improve my position becomes available.


Ed Moura,
Vice President, RabTax
Walnut Creek, CA

Sunil and Steven are great. They worked patiently with us to find my dad the perfect townhome. Every few days, Sunil would send us recommended places with useful commentary (even great restaurant recommendations!). Once we had found the right place, Sunil and Steven walked us through every detail of the process and made it a breeze to go through all the paperwork. I especially appreciated that no matter when I called, Sunil and Steven were willing to make time for us - I always felt very well taken care of. Also, we were able to do a lot of our signing via DocuSign online, which was super convenient.

We had originally started out the home-buying process using Redfin, but boy am I glad I came to Yelp and found Sunil and Steven! I don't think we would have found my dad's new place or been able to purchase it at the price we did.

Bottom line: Sunil and Steven are excellent realtors and also great guys. Go with them.

Jessica W.
Union City, CA

A friend of mine in the mortgage business introduced me to a REALTOR they had worked with Sunil Sethi, and though I had an Uncle in the business, I wanted to work with someone with experience in my neighborhood, and someone who understood the real estate, tax and legal implications of a short sale. Prior to contacting Sunil, I had already had many conversations with my lenders to discuss loan modifications. Wells Fargo was just giving me the run-around.

I met with Sunil, to discuss doing a short sale of my home in Hayward, CA in the Eden Shores community. Immediately I felt comfortable that he would be able to rid me of this property with the least financial impact to me. This is was an investment property for me, but unfortunately, both my wife and I lost our jobs, and our renter trashed the placed, and made the place unrentable without major renovation expenditures, which we didn't have the cash for. We were forced to sell. However, because the home was worth less than the debt on it, I knew it would be complicated and involve tax, and future liability issues.

Sunil discussed, the options available to us, and we eventually chose to attempt a short sale. There were two lenders involved and even though both loans were being serviced by Wells Fargo, Sunil explained that each loan was owned by separate investors. In our case, he had to negotiate with 2 different negotiators.

It took a lot of work to get the negotiators to agree on a sales price, and to keep the buyer patient and to complete the transaction. Sunil did not give up, and worked through each problem, until he got all sides to agree. I highly recommend Sunil Sethi, at Show and Sell Realty, in Fremont, CA. He did an outstanding job, in getting the me a full release of from the banks. His background as a former tax CPA and MBA, really helped. I haven't met anyone else like him.

Manoj N.
Hayward (Eden Shores), CA


We bought our dream house with Sunil and Steven and could not be happier. We saw this home and fell in love with it, but we did not appreciate how challenging the transaction would be to complete. It was a short sale, and had additional difficulties associated with it. Now that we are finally in the house (after about 5 months after seeing the place), we pinch ourselves every day to make sure it's for real! We really do believe that if it weren't for Sunil, we probably would have I) never seen the place in the first place, ii) given up, or iii) failed to complete the transaction. Because of the nature of the short sale, he collected a smaller commission than other homes, but he never discouraged us from pursuing this home, unlike many other agents who I know would.

We have owned a home before, and worked with two different agents (one to buy and one to sell) that home (out of state) and were not particularly happy with either realtor (this is after interviewing probably a half dozen each time). Sunil was definitely of a different breed. What I appreciated the most was his "no-frills" approach. He tells you exactly what he thinks, and doesn't sugar coat anything just to get a sale. We saw many homes with him and Steven, and they would point out anything that they saw that gave them concern or may affect resale value, etc. I found in the past that agents just tell you what you want to hear. If that's what you want, then go with someone else. Sunil is always easy to reach as well.

We hope to live here forever, but if we should ever need to buy or sell real estate again, we'll definitely be calling Sunil.

Chiaki T.
Fremont, CA

Sunil sold our rental property. At the time, we were unsure about the process of selling a rental property. Our property was in a terrible shape because of our previous occupant and we were not sure if we could ever sell it at this market.

But Sunil worked with us to fix everything from floor to ceiling. He even recommended the contractor we went with (who was also extremely helpful and cheap). Once the renovation was complete, he was able to sell the property within a month. Sunil is intelligent, knows the market well, and most importantly to me trustworthy!

Vijay J.
Union City, CA


We were unsure on what we wanted to do with our rental property. Sunil met with and me and my husband and helped us run the numbers to compare: 1) the income from keeping it, to 2.) selling it, and doing a 1031 tax-free exchange and buying another one elsewhere, or 3.) simply selling and keeping the proceeds and paying the tax.

We considered the tax implications of all outcomes. It helps that he was full time practicing CPA in his former life. We sold almost 2 years ago, and it was a tough selling environment, but he told us exactly what we need to do to get the home sold (repairs, pricing, marketing, disclosures...). The home had been a rental property for the last 15 years, and needed a lot of work. Sunil recommend tradesman to get the work done, efficiently. He was very involved through the process, always looking out for my bottom line and market appeal. He was spot-on with the pricing; the house received multiple bids and sold quickly. Once the buyer's contingencies were removed we started work on finding the replacement property. Within 60 days we had identified and closed on a far superior replacement property in Temecula, CA. Sunil Sethi is a very professional, friendly, intelligent person. He did an outstanding job and we highly recommend him.

meenu a.


Hey, thanks for everything. Very smooth, very painless (except for mistakes made by me!) 
I will definitely recommend you
Janice Kary


  This review is long over due , but I owe it to an outstanding experience we had with Sunil Sethi. Sunil helped us sell our house in less than a week at the best possible price.

He guided us exceptionally throughout the whole process of remodeling the house with good contractors at fair prices. Sunil's suggestions about remodeling where spot on. Sunil also found us an effective staging team that transcended our humble house. Sunil listed our house and also effectively advertised it including online at trulia, zillow, redfin etc. That resulted in lot of traffic during the open house, and we received offers the following week.

Our house was sold and closed without any major issues.

We did interview couple of other agents but Sunil's knowledge, guidance and expertise stood out, and we are glad of our choice.

We are very impressed with Sunil both at the professional and personal level and highly recommend him. Based on our experiences, he is definitely the best real estate agent in the Tri-city area.

M P.



I would like to say that I highly recommend Sunil Sethi because: During the time my place was on the market Sunil went out of his way, I think, to sell this property by actually rolling up his sleeves and helping in the grunt work. Such as placing tan bark and placing flowers along the walk way, helping to get me deals on contractors, loading stuff in to the trash to go to the dumps, and many more things that I have never had a realtor do for me !! He gets VERY involved and I would be more then happy to hire Sunil Sethi/Show and Sell Realty again in the future !

Al Dixon
Fremont, CA


Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you since, you handled both the real estate and financing aspects of the purchase of our new home
in and sale of previous home in North Beach. It was a competitive bidding environment, but you managed to secure our new home at a fantastic price, and
sell our old one for the highest price in the community. We love the view of Angel Island. Thanks so much.

R. Whitley
VP William Sonoma
San Francisco, CA

My husband Danny and I were introduced to Steven and Sunil through my coworker who had just bought a home in Fremont. We were first time homebuyers looking in the Fremont area and honestly had no clue where to even begin!

I called Sunil and left a voicemail, and within a few hours he called back. He gave me an overview of the process and arranged a time for me and Danny to meet with him. We went in at 4 pm on a weekday afternoon, and Steven and Sunil spent a good 2 hours with us going through everything from introducing their backgrounds and familiarity with the tri-city area (having both grown up here they were intimately familiar with the various neighborhoods); explaining the different neighborhoods within the Fremont area including which ones to avoid; directing us to resources on their website and other sites to learn more about school rankings, crime statistics, etc; the entire home buying process from start to finish: and asking us what our search criteria were and what aspects were most important to us. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with great information and definitely left their office that day feeling like we had gone with the right realtors! They emphasized that they would never pressure us into buying a home that wasn't right for us and they were true to their word. They shared stories of other clients that had rushed into buying, and hearing these scenarios taught us a lot about what we might encounter.

In the subsequent months they sent us not only listings that met our criteria but also provided additional insights that we wouldn't have known otherwise. They came to open houses with us, arranged for numerous personal showings and walked through in detail the pros and cons of each home, roughly how much things would cost if we needed to fix certain things, and when they simply thought a particular home wasn't worth our time, they said it like it was.

We ended up making 4 offers, with the 4th being accepted. Through each offer, Sunil and Steven walked us through all the documents we had to sign, going through them with us page by page - so helpful given how foreign some of the language was. Everything was done electronically and was super easy! We would receive emails indicating there were forms they had prepared that needed our signature, and with just some easy clicks we were able to take care of everything without needing to go in person to sign. Incredibly helpful given our busy work schedules and wedding planning (just two months away at that time!) They also walked us through the counter offer process and gave us tips on how to make our offers more attractive.

Sunil and Steven also directed us to a fabulous loan officer who stepped us through the loan process. They were there for every inspection, walk through and answered our calls with questions promptly. We couldn't have imagined going with anyone else. Even now, having lived in our new home for 4 months, we still go to them for guidance regarding things like repairs (they have an extensive network of contacts for anything from handymen to carpet cleaners/stretchers). Whenever we hear of friends looking for a home in the area, we refer them to Sunil and Steven. We couldn't have asked for a better/smoother process, thanks to them!

Jenny K.
Fremont, CA


Thank you Sunil for all your help!   As you have assisted me and friends I have referred, I have been impressed by your professionalism, knowledge, and service level.  You are always very responsive, and I really appreciate your practical advice and willingness to help.  Thanks again!


Paul S.,
Fremont (Glenmoor), CA

My husband and I had a really great experience with Sunil and his associate Steven in buying our first home (just two weeks ago!). They were patient in explaining the whole process to us newbies and always there to answer questions or get more information for us. We really felt that they worked incredibly hard to get the best deal for us and had our best interests at heart. We were very impressed with the level of care, expertise, and professionalism we received. Calls and emails were always returned almost immediately. They were responsive and we always felt like we were their most important clients (doubtful, but it's nice to receive that level of service!). We also received frank and knowledgeable advice and never felt jerked around. I would recommend Sunil Sethi to friends and family without reservation. Thank you for making our dream of a first home come true!

Natalie O.
Union City, CA

Sunil worked with me for my first home buy. Sunil and Steve were very professional. Unlike other Real estate agents they tell you both pros and cons of the property. We did bit of remodeling around the house; Sunil & Steve helped us with the remodeling; they gave us tips on materials and contractors. We got handy man through them. I would highly recommend Steve & Sunil.

John P.
Fremont, CA

We came across this duo of stellar professionals via Yelp and reading all the excellent reviews, decided to contact them for helping us buy our first home in Fremont. Their extensive knowledge about Fremont's neighborhoods combined with prompt responsiveness to our endless questions took us by surprise. We knew what we were getting into from the onset of the process. Barring few delays on the loan approval, everything else from the offer to the closing was smooth.

It has been 5 weeks since we moved into our home and couldn't be happier. Looking back, all of it was possible only because we had Sunil and Steven guiding us at every step. A day after we moved in, we ran out of hot water and being first-time homeowners, found out that our water heater was off. I called up Steven and within 15 mins, he was at our doorstep with a lighter in his hand! We could not thank him enough. Our current kitchen granite counter-top, faucets, sink, bathroom tiles have all been bought from Sunil-recommended stores, our handyman is also one of his recommendation, lol.

Excellent realtors and a great team to work with!

Sujata K.
Fremont, CA

Sunil is the best agent ever. My husband and me had been looking for a home for over a year and did not have a good experience with our previous realtors. We then met Sunil who bowled us over with his professionalism, his knowledge about the area and his overall work ethic. He is extremely helpful and guided us through the process by giving us a realistic view of the situation and letting us know what we could expect. We found our first home thanks to Sunil and we couldn't be more pleased with it. The entire process seemed seamless and smooth ONLY because Sunil helped us through it. He is extremely proactive which is one of the qualities we were really impressed with. We highly recommend Sunil and I can guarantee you that you will have an excellent experience with him!!!

Shruti L.
Fremont, CA

Sunil and Steven helped us find and buy a great home in Newark, CA. It was great to work with them. They helped us negotiate a great deal with the seller. They were right there when we needed them.

I would recommend them if you are in the market to buy or sell your next perfect home.

Viral P.
Newark, CA

We came to know about the dynamic duo of Sunil and Steven through YELP and were a little skeptical initially cos all the reviews online only spoke good about them .But the moment we had our first face to face interaction, all our doubts were cleared and immediately knew that these were THE guys to work with. They understood our needs/limitations and never pushed us to make an offer. In fact there were a few occasions where we had to let go on houses because they did not approve (which in the hindsight we felt was a very good decision.) They were also very accessible via emails/phone.

Steven was responsible for showing us the houses. We were impressed by the fact that he did his homework prior to the showing and was able to respond to any questions we had about the house/neighborhood. The entire process (offer, loan, closing ) was made seamless and easy for us.

These guys also do their bit to improve the neighborhood and schools through various community projects. We definitely recommend Sunil and Steven and looking forward to work with them in the future too.

Vivek S.
Fremont, CA

My wife came across Sunil and Steven accidentally after we tried a few real estate guys. I think these 2 guys are superb. They understood our requirement quickly. Within a few days we found the house that we really liked in Newark, and, finally bought it. They followed up diligently, did all the paper works , explained meaning of the legal statements in the docs to a great extent to a layman like me (usually nobody does it) - Then I just had to sign on the docs and the checks- thats it. They even did overtime in their office to satisfy our nagging requirements. They spent a lot of time with us.
Now the complaints: I dont have any!
If we ever buy another house, we know where to go.

Saby M.
Newark, CA

  We wanted to sell our rental house as quickly as possible in a buyers' market. We needed an agent who was different - someone who had unique ideas on how to make the property move fast. We found Sunil Sethi online and his reviews were excellent. Upon meeting him we felt assured that he would be the realtor for us.

Sunil clearly explained in detail the steps involved and he recommended certain home improvements to make the house look attractive. These included new flooring, fixtures and paint. He created a schedule for all the work and handled the supervision and coordination between various contractors and the stagers. The renovations were completed on schedule. The house looked awesome. It felt like a model home that we wanted to move back into! Two days after the Open House we received multiple offers above asking price! The transaction closed within a month.

We highly recommend Sunil as a realtor. He is smart, dynamic, personable and extremely professional. Sunil helped screen the buyers and ensured they were suitably qualified. He made it a point to be present during the home inspections and appraisal. Almost all documentation was signed electronically - which was extremely efficient and convenient. He offered guidance throughout the process - we knew we were in good hands. He returned every call and responded to every email in a timely manner. Sunil made the whole process so quick and smooth that we still cannot believe that the house has been sold.

M H.
Fremont, CA

Steven Fong and Sunil are top-notch! We have bought and sold homes through them and they helped my parents purchase a home as well. They are honest and professional, like everyone has already said.

cookie b.

Sunil and Steven are the go-to real-estate agents in the east bay area for your real-estate needs. They are experienced professionals who will listen to you defining your dream home, and then find it for you.

They are resourceful, patient, and honest in the house hunting process. Most importantly, they think from your perspective. Instead of just pursuing short-term gains, their ultimate goal is to build long-term customer relationships. Not too many agents today do that.

During my time working with them, they were able to resolve numerous complex and unique situations. As a result, I was able to purchase a regular sale, very demanded property that is in extremely good condition. Regular sales are difficult to find in today's market, not to mention finding one in an excellent condition.

I highly recommend Sunil and Steven if you are interested in finding your dream home.

Henry L.
Dublin, CA


We bought a property with Sunil and Steven after working with them almost 1 year. They never pushed us to make any decision. Always provided excellent data/statistics needed to make us our decision, showed us multiple listing during this year were very patient during this whole time. Bottom line, we have bought 3 houses with 3 different agents so far, the last one is with Sunil's and we are the most satisfied with property we bought with Sunil/Steven and the services they provided. We are planning to buy more real estate in future and those will always be with Sunil's real estate.

BTW Sunil and Steven work as a great team together.

Sanjay G.
Union City, CA


It was pleasure working with Sunil and Steven and the duo forms a great team of showing home and getting you the home of your choice. I had instances where i like home but Steven and Sunil pointed out some problems with home. Steven is also very knowledgeable in handyman stuff and I was pleasantly surprised on how he could estimate well for some repairs.

Sunil keeps informed at each and every step and I also ended up getting inspection and lender from him which was very competitive.

I would definitely recommend the team to anyone looking for home in east bay area.

Kumar K.


  I already had an agent, but having met Sunil once, I knew I could trust him for answers. I called him up and asked him some honest agent related questions. I'd have to say, that it is really refreshing to have straightforward person you are dealing with-- nothing hidden, everything clear. As another point, Sunil really asks pointed questions that really help you figure out what home you really need. This is important as often, new buyers are just plain unclear about what they want. I wholeheartedly recommend him-- he is smart, professional, and straightforward.

ranjani v.
Pleasanton, CA


Sunil helped with our recent home sale in Fremont and the experience could not have been smoother. He very clearly explained the process since this was our first time selling and we had a quick, successful sale. There were no surprises along the way, everything was completely straightforward and understandable. All of Sunil's correspondence was lightning fast and extremely professional and courteous. He is very knowledgeable of the local market and was able to help us price our unit correctly. For our first time selling, we couldn't be happier and would recommend Sunil to any of our friends that still live around the area. Thanks again!

Emily D.
Fremont, CA


In late 2010, we had turned to Sunil Sethi Real Estate to help sell our house during a very competitive selling period. From the start to the end, he and his team were hands-on providing accurate research, effective house preparation tips, coordination with contractors, and prompt service. We established a clear cut marketing strategy to reach our goal. With that success, Sunil & his team have become my 'go-to' real estate team for future needs. For us, it was the result with a wonderful real estate experience. I recommend Sunil Sethi Real Estate.

Tesh S.
Fremont, CA


Sunil and Steven are pros. As a business development professional by myself, I was very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, detailness, perfection, project management, negotiation, punctuality and commitment.

They do not work on deals for the sake of the number of deals. They are passionate about and enjoy making the fair and great deal. They go extra mile for this. Many times, I find them negotiating, validating, or initiating tasks w/o me asking. They are opinionated based on their solid knowledge and experience yet flexible and not pushy.

In addition, I really like their community approach. Please check out their website. So much useful information and up-to-date blog posts. They are very open about their knowledge. I say they have principles and are proud of what they do.

If you are the person who is interested in learning all the aspects about house hunting/remodeling to get the best deal w/o sacrificing the quality, they will give you the full picture, options, advice and support. I am so glad that we kept his principles in first two properties ended up walking away but leading to much better and more suited property.

Last but not least, they are fun to hang out with. We worked over 9 months and they never changed their attitude. I really felt we are one team. Kind of difficult to get this feeling even at work place. Hope people have this fun journey with them leading to great results.

A. M.


My husband and I were on the market on and off searching for a house for two years. We had worked with a handful of realtors before we met Sunil on a open house. Sunil is the best realtor that we have ever met. He has a very nice personality that can make you feel like his friend instantly. With his CPA, MBA background and years of real estate experience, he is very knowledgeable in every expect of a real estate transaction. Besides being very professional, he truly care about his clients, he would go extra miles to help his clients, even for matters beyond his realtor duty. The best part about Sunil is that he provides you the very useful information and gives you his honest advise, but he never push you or rush you to complete the transaction. This is a good quality that many other realtors are lack of. For many of us, buying or selling a house is the once a lifetime decision, you want to make a choice that you will be very happy about it, so choosing the right realtor is the first important step in the entire process. I would feel very confident to recommend Sunil to my relatives and friends, or anyone who would like an excellent realtor.

Cindy M.
Fremont, CA


My husband and I had worked with a couple of realtors over the years before we met Sunil at an open house while looking for a condo for my nephew. Sunil helped my nephew purchasing a condo. And later we purchased two investment properties for ourselves with Sunil as well. It was great experience working with Sunil. We were very happy with his work and liked him as a person. We were impressed with his honesty, professionalism, work ethic, scope of knowledge of real estate, and excellent communication skills. Most importantly, he cares about his clients and always goes extra miles to make everything go smoothly and our real estate needs are met. I strongly recommend Sunil to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell properties.

Susan L.
Fremont, CA


As a first time homebuyer I was looking for an agent, who would help navigate me through the process, knew about great, safe neighborhoods in the Tri-City area, and most importantly, someone who would not pressure or intimidate me into making decisions I was not comfortable with.

After looking at reviews online, I met with Sunil and knew he would fit all of my criteria. As a teacher, I had a limited budget to work with and Sunil never encouraged me to go past my financial comfort level. Whenever we looked at properties, he shared his opinion about the benefits and disadvantages from a real estate perspective, especially for future resale value. However, he always allowed me the freedom to formulate my own judgments about whether or not the property was right for me and my expectations. When putting together offers, although he offered his professional advice, he always let me decide the price point of what I was comfortable with, so I was able to handle every transaction with no regrets on my part.

I was Sunil's client for about 11 months due to the difficulty of the market, eventually becoming a successful homeowner. Despite this long duration, he never made me compromise on my requirements in a property and continued to show great patience. Many of the deals fell through for various reasons, but never because of our end, and Sunil consistently updated me on the most important purchase of my life.

Sunil easily communicates through email and phone, at all times of the day and week. I could always get into contact with him and he replied immediately, regardless of when it was.

Due to Sunil's extensive professional community, he set me up with an equally excellent loan officer, and the two of them made my final home purchase possible. Even after I bought the house, Sunil referred me to people to help fix up little things here and there, and I still felt comfortable contacting him for any needs regarding my new home.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sunil as a wonderful real estate agent to anyone who is looking for someone professional, offering sound advice, and truly looks out for the client's best interests at heart. I think the true testament of a satisfied customer is one who is willing to suggest a business to their close friends and family. I would have no trouble referring anybody I cared about to Sunil, because I know he would take great care of them, as he did with me.

Jamie W.

Fremont, CA


  My fiancé and I wanted to buy a home in the Fremont area. As first-time home buyers, we wanted someone knowledgeable about the real estate business as well as the Fremont area. Based on wonderful reviews we found online, we decided to work with Sunil Sethi and it was a wise decision that saved us a lot of time, money, and energy!

After actively searching for a home for two months, we finally found a condo that we liked. It was offered for quite a bit for a condo in that condition, but based on Sunil's recommendation, we chose to place a lower bid. It was accepted. That saved us $45,000 that we could put towards remodeling!

Sunil was very professional and courteous, who went the extra mile to ensure our deal went through without any glitch. When there is any update with our future home, he calls or emails us promptly. He always discusses the options that are available to us and what the consequences are so that we can make informed decisions. He did not leave us in the dark.

He is a true real estate professional, and easily can be ranked among the top 3 real estate broker/agent in California, and he is by far the best real estate agent in the Alameda county . With his extensive credentials and work ethic, no one can go wrong going to him for any real estate transaction or advice.

Trust us, Sunil knows his stuff and minds his business very well!

Sophia V.
Fremont, CA


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