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Sunil Sethi Real Estate Fremont's Best Realtor!

As a trusted name in the Fremont, Newark, and Union City markets for over 23 years, we understand the intricacies of selling and buying in Fremont, Newark and Union City real estate markets. 

Our Agents will help you buy your dream home at the best price. We understand this is a big decision, and we're dedicated to building a customized plan that fits your home needs and purchase budget.

As a seller, you'll appreciate our detailed home improvement ideas to maximize the profit on the sale of your home in Fremont, Newark or Union City. 

As top real estate specialists in Fremont, Newark and Union City for over 23 years, our realtors are committed to delivering our best service to help you maximize value when selling or find your perfect home when buying.

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Three Easy Steps to Sell Your Home

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We'll share our REALTOR secrets to prioritize improvements to get the highest return on investment.

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We'll share our REALTOR magic to getting more buyers interested in buying your home.

Another Smooth Closing at Sunil Sethi Real Estate

Our years of REALTOR experience will help solve the problems we'll encounter on the road to closing.

Featured Real Estate Listings

Front Entrance of Home

4820 Delores Dr

Pending in 6 Days

11+ Offers. 11% over Market Price!


6208 Broadway Ave

Pending in 11 Days

11 Offers. 13.5% over Market Price!

featured listing 4141 sora cmn

4141 Sora Cmn

Pending in 7 Days

3 offers.  Sold for 27.5% over Market Price!

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After reviewing your property, we'll provide you with an expected sales range and our fee for handling the sale


We'll keep you informed and involved as much as you like throughout the process