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Not all buyers can visualize what a difference remodeling can accomplish. Sunil Sethi Real Estate can help you make the most cost effective decisions on what will have impact to you net proceeds. We've been doing this for over 20 years and we work with buyers and sellers, so we keep a pulse on what today's buyer's value most.

Maximize Desireability

Steps to Getting Your Home Ready

VR Goggles

Depersonalize to Make it Theirs

Let the buyers see it as their space. Remove photos, and other items that are personal to you and your family

Minimize to Enlarge

Make your home look larger by minimizing what's in it, including cabinets and closets.

Paint Colors

Painting Makes New

Painting produces the biggest bang for the buck. It makes old look new with the right colors.

Floor Installation

Flooring Excites

After looking at your walls, buyers next look at your floor.

Natural Light Room

Textured Ceilings Hide Age

After buyer's look at your walls and floors, then they notice your ceiling. Consider removing and and texturing. 

Cozy Living Room

Lighting is Important

Buyers love natural light. Consider recessed lights with daylight or near daylight colors to brighten a dark room.

Staging for Visualization

Painting produces the biggest bang for the buck. It makes old look new with the right colors.

Tropical Flower

Landscaping for Appeal

Add curb appeal, easy maintenance yards, fruit trees, space to entertain

Engineer Examining Air Conditioner

Home Inspections - Clean Offers

If you want to get a non-contingent offer from a buyer, provide the buyer with a inspections they need to satisfy them on the condition of the property. Repair items that would make a buyer hesitate in making an offer. 

Maximize your home's desirability by making it easy for Buyers to envision how they'll live in the your home.

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Gardening Team
Modern Kitchen in Workspace
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