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Increase Demand

The buyers need to find your home, and today almost all buyers search for homes online. We take advantage of pricing strategy, technology and relationships to maximize demand for your home.


To ensure buyers find your home, we will spend considerable time strategizing the list price that generates the appropriate amount of interest in the home. Too high a price will deter buyers from showing up, and too low would a price will make the open house uncomfortable for the more qualified buyers to see the home comfortably. We will work with you to determine a list price to ensure a high turnout of buyers to the open house.


We then make sure the property gets syndicated to all the majors portals used by buyers to search for properties, we'll use keywords in describing the property to drive traffic as well.


Although we love technology, we also know relationships with other realtors help and we reach out to fellow agents who have done recent transactions in the community to see if they have another buyer for the area. 

Take advantage of our 21+ years of selling homes, to sell your home as well. Call us for a free consult.

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