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We'll Help You Navigate the Home-Buying Maze, Offering Prudence, while Finding You the Best Homes that Meet your Needs

Buying a Home is Complex, Let Us Simplify It!

Sunil Sethi teaching one of his buyer classes

We'll Teach You What You Need to Know to Become a Buyer Who Wins Deals!

  • You'll Learn How to do Financial Modeling

  • The Importance of Location, Layout and Lighting

  • How to Estimate Remodeling

  • How to Remove Contingencies Comfortably

  • The Levers to Craft a Winning Offer. 

Our Approach

Image by Bundo Kim

In Our First Meeting

  • We'll get to know each other

  • We'll talk about your needs, wants, dislikes and your budget

  • We'll share with you our proprietary financial modeling tool aka Assets to Close Spreadsheet 

    • First you'll understand the key metrics bank's use to approve your loan

    • Then we'll run some what-if scenarios.

  • I'll share with you a list of experienced loan officers and what to consider when shopping for your mortgage.

  • Finally, we'll set you up for property alerts including access to Coming Soon properties and Off Market Listings

real estate listing alert

Property Feedback - High Potential Alerts

Home sells fast in the Fremont-Newark-Union City area.  

Each day, you'll get alerts based on your criteria and shortly thereafter, you'll get feedback from us on each new listing that meets your criteria. We'll discuss

  • Location - Commute, Neighborhood Nuisances, Blight, Schools, Convenicenies

  • Layout  - Does it meet what you asked for (large kitchen, open layout, single story, large lot, view of hills, etc.)

  • Lighting - Is there enough natural lighting or how It could be enhanced


If you are and you're interested in learning more, we'll do a quick review of the seller's disclosure package, and share that information in your Private Home Search Diary. 


This is where we'll also share:

  • Offer Instructions from listing agent including offer due date, special instructions

  • Home Interest Details:  Expected # of Offers, # of Disclosures shared; Open House Activity

  • High cost repairs on the pest, roof and home inspection
  • Noteworthy disclosures on the SPQ, and TDS (ex. deaths, unpermitted remodeling, repairs, flip properties, nuisances)

  • Items to note from the NHD (ex. flood, earthquake, high-fire hazard areas)

  • Mismatch between public records data and the listing details

  • HOA with low reserves 

MUST READ Blog Posts

Sunil Sethi looking into disclosures

You'll Love How We Dissect Homes on Site Visits

  • When we visit a property, we'll review again location, layout & lighting to validate or update our initial opinion 

  • We'll put on our pseudo-inspector hats, and point out the items we would expect to see on the inspection reports or items we did see on the inspection reports. 

  • We'll also discuss the quality of any work done on the property.  

  • We'll review if any building permits were obtained, and ask if the work was done by contractors or handyman​

  • We'll consider site  drainage

Jewelry Expert

Before We Bid  We Need to Estimate What it May Appraise for and What it May Sell For

Our Comparative Market Analysis Reports are the Best

  • Sometimes the comparables are easy and a simple tabular review works but when there are no recent comparables, that doesn't work. So we developed a new way of doing CMAsYou'll find our CMAs give you the ability to run what ifs

  • Our CMAs bring logic back to the process of comparing properties

image of Sunil Sethi, closing a deal

We're the Best at Writing Offers & Winning the Deal

The Fremont - Newark - Union City Real Estate markets have always been vibrant (more buyers than sellers). You have to write a winning offer to get the deal.


Before you can do that you need to know how others have won deals. As a buyer, until you get acclimatized to the market you are in, you will not be prepared, and willing to write a winning offer. To get you acclimatized, we'll share updates on other recent bids we've been making. 

In choosing which offer to accept, Sellers will look for the highest offer with the greatest probability of closing. They will look at commitment to purchase (fewer contingencies), financial strength (examples: cash offer, underwriting approved, higher down payment), shorter closing times, and rent back if needed. 

We'll also teach you How to Get Comfortable in Removing Your Contingencies, when necessary. The three main contingencies you need to understand relate to:

  1. Inspection Contingencies, which give you time to determine the condition of the home. If the seller provides you with a complete set of inspections along with all required seller disclosures, you have the ability to determine condition of the property, and if additional inspections are necessary, then we recommend you keep your inspection contingency. 

  2. Appraisal Contingency is to give your bank time to complete an appraisal. Your loan is based off the appraisal value, not the sales price, and if the appraisal value is lower than the purchase price, you'll need to make up the difference in a non-contingent purchase offer. 

  3. Loan Contingency is to confirm you get approved for your loan to purchase the home. 

Finally Real Estate is a business built on relationships we take advantage of all goodwill we've built over the last 24 years with fellow agents to help get you the deal.  

  • We will talk with the listing agent to gauge interest,  and any special instructions. 

  • We will present your offer in the best light and call in any favors we can to get your offer accepted

We'll help you craft as attractive an offer as makes sense for the market and for you

Sunil Sethi and Kevin Chen checking out properties in Fremont

You Won't Find Anyone More Patient Than Us

We're not interested in selling you any home. We listened to what you wanted, and we're here to help you buy that home!

So many of our past clients have thanked us for our patience, and always working on their behalf to help them get the home they want.


Our clients are, our only source of new business, so we treat each purchase like we're buying for ourselves.

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