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Fremont's 7 Hidden Gem Restaurants

Updated: Feb 4

To make this list, the food has to be fresh, not greasy, not over salted and authentic in flavor. I'll give you the winner and runner up if any by category and specifics about what to try there.

Fremont's 7 Hidden Gem Restaurants


Been a fan of this place since 2001. At one point I know all the waitresses, but then they changed location and COVID hit and they had a lot of turnover in the wait staff. I love a lot of items on the menu, and prefer the black beans to the refried beans. My go to item is the Filete de Pescado which is served in a casserole dish with lots of butter and garlic. Show them the photo below to make sure you get the right dish as they have many ways of serving, and if you like margarita's try the Cadillac Margarita. Another fan favorite is the green chicken enchilada.

  • Cadillac Margarita

Cadillac margarita at mexico tipico

Filete de Pescado

Filete de Pescado
  • Green Chicken Enchiladas - another long time favorite


I rediscovered this place the last 2 years. I've mostly happy with this place, but every now and then they get too generous with the salt. My favorite items are:

  • Green Curry

  • Red Curry

  • Drunken Noodles

  • Basil Fried Rice


I've taken so many people to this sushi place off of Stevenson and everyone loved. Even my mom, who didn't eat fish, enjoyed their vegetarian Mango Secret Roll. It was the last meal she enjoyed while on Hospice. For sure try these favorites

  • Yellowtail Jalapeno

  • Monster Roll

  • Warrior's Roll

  • Volcano Roll

  • Chirashi **1

  • Gyoza

  • Miso Soup

  • Mention my name or don't and you'll get a free beer - my favorite is the Asahi. Served perfectly cold.



My favorite place for authentic Chinese food. Been going here for about 5-6 years. They will be re-opening their Fremont location soon. Currently going to their Union City location. You'll love the:

  • Cucumber Salad

  • Shrimp and Pork Spicy Wonton

  • Hot and Sour Soup

  • Chow mein (chicken or vegetable)

  • Mongolian Beef

mongolian beef
  • ZhaJiang Noodles

ZhaJiang Noodles
  • Sauteed String Beans

  • Garlic Spinach

  • Fish with Black Bean Sauce

My favorite place for dim sum in Fremont.

Definitely try their:

  • Har Gow

Har Gow
  • Steamed Chives Dumpling

Steamed Chives Dumpling
  • Siu Mai

  • Coconut Black Sesame Dumpling - haven't seen it offered many places.

  • Chow fun

  • Portuguese egg tart

  • Fried Sesame Ball

Fried Sesame Ball
  • Chinese Broccoli

  • Rice Noodle Shrimp

  • Ginger and Chicken Bun


I've been here only twice, and I liked the food and service, but they could improve on their consistency. I ordered the same items I felt they were different dishes.

  • Chicken Sekuwa - loved the lentil side dish that came with this.

Chicken Sekuwa
  • Nepalese Chicken Curry & Butter Naan

Nepalese Chicken and Curry  Butter Naan


Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace I haven't found a better place in Fremont, but am waiting for Slivers to open hopefully this year. At Bronco's I usually get the:

  • Prairie Pie Special - artichokes, tomatoes, and fresh garlic.

  • Stage Coach Special - Artichokes, fresh garlic, chicken, pesto, and tomatoes.

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4 commenti

Sunil Sethi
Sunil Sethi
09 apr 2023

I know Dumpling House is close to your place. If you haven't been there recently, it's still a great little hole in the wall place. These are some of my favorites there.

photo of Dumpling House String Beans
String Beans

photo of Dumpling house Mongolian chicken
Mongolian Chicken

Mi piace

Marcus Castain
Marcus Castain
05 apr 2023

I was up in Fremont visiting family and remembered your article. We checked out Din Ding Dumpling House which was excellent. We love Mexico Tipico as well and have ordered take-out from Momo and Kebab and enjoyed it. Next trip, I'll have to check out Pearl Bay and the Thai crepe place. No Indian places, Sunil???

Mi piace
Marcus Castain
Marcus Castain
09 apr 2023
Risposta a

Thanks, I'll check them out next time I'm up there!

Mi piace
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