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Ardenwood - Offers the Best Work Life Balance

Updated: Feb 8

Everyone loves having a short commute. Who wouldn’t want to be able to wake-up and be in the office within 30 minutes. In the 1970s to early 2000s if you wanted a high paying job, you had to commute to San Francisco, the Peninsula or the South Bay. The city of Fremont is trying to change that and lure back high paying employers to the city. They are specifically targeting 4 areas in Fremont: Warms Springs, Bayside Industrial Zone, Fremont Downtown and City Center and Ardenwood Technology Park.

Workardenwood-shortens-commute-better-life-work-balanceing close to home, means If you ever forget something at home, you can easily go back and get it. There are very few relatively affordable communities that offer you a short commute, associated with a great schools like in Ardenwood.

Map of Ardenwood Technology Park (Source Google Earth)

Ardenwood Technology Park, which is nestled between Coyote Regional Park and Ardenwood and the Ardenwood Historic Farm, has been very successful in attracting employers and I suspect it has to do with the Ardenwood being the highest populated community (See Chart 1 below) and also having an above average concentration of computer scientist (See Chart 2 Below)

Chart 1: Highest to Lowest Populated Districts in Fremont Neighborhood.  (Source:
Chart 1: Highest to Lowest Populated Districts in Fremont Neighborhood. (Source:

Chart 2: Total Population per Fremont Neighborhood. (Source:
Chart 2: Total Population per Fremont Neighborhood. (Source:

I predict that in the future, more and more employers will establish satellite offices in Ardenwood. This is because the area boasts one of the highest concentrations of professional workers in the Bay Area. The benefits for employees include reduced commutes, which in turn leads to happier and healthier work staff with more free time. Additionally, the proximity of a major regional park, with its many hiking and biking trails, provides employees with an easy way to de-stress during their off-hours.

shows location of various employers in ardenwood technology park and just south of it in Newark
Map of Employers in Ardenwood Technology Park and Newark. (Source Google Maps)

Below you’ll find the names below of some of the more prominent companies leasing space in Ardenwood and a recent search of the careers page indicating how many open positions they currently have in Ardenwood. I’ve also looked into just south Newark to see if they currently have any open positions. For those looking to walk, or bike to work, check out the open positions.

Meta (Fremont)

44 Open Positions

4 open positions: R&D Intern, Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer and Product Manager

HID Global (Fremont)

Currently 1 open position for Software Engineer

6 Open Positions in: Equipment Maintenance Technicians, Engineers, Cost Accounting, Sales Manager

Lucid (Newark)

769 open positions: too many positions to list

Logitech (Fremont)

3 open positions Engineering, Supply Chain, Compensation Analyst

TE Connectivity (Fremont) which provides high-tech connection and sensor devices for an array of industries.

3 Open Positions

NexTracker (Fremont)

33 Open Positions, more openings expected this week.

Solaria (Now Part of Maxeon) (Fremont) - Solar Panels

1 Open Position: VP of HR

Soraa/Ecosense (Fremont) - LED Technology

1 Open Position: Product Development Engineer

Boehringer-Ingelheim (Fremont) its 4 manufacturing/R&D buildings host over 700 employees

40 Openings: Internships, Operations, Engineering, Accounting, QC

Neuralink (Fremont), a company co-founded by Elon Musk

35 Open Positions: Engineering, Internships, Compensation manager, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Research, Regulatory

Anaspec (Fremont)

6 Open Positions: QA, Chemists, Inventory Control

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