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Best of the 2024 NAHB International Builders' Show®

Updated: Mar 4

This was my first time visiting The National Association of Home Builders Show. If you like to see what's new for the home, I highly recommend visiting them next year. If you want to get a free pass, become a Floor & Decor Pro Member. They offered me free passes to the show.

Check out all of the 2024 Best in Show Winners


Here Are My favorites from the show:

1. Nebia 5th Generation Water-Saving Handshower

You can get it $59.99 on Brondell's site

Use Promo code KBIS2024 and get 20% off almost everything. Expires 3/19/24.

Nedia has a very interesting origin story that began in Silicon Valley, it involves A team of Apple, Tesla, and NASA alumni working to turn the stigma of the “low flow” shower on its head, one luxurious, well-engineered rinse at a time. Check-out the full story on kickstarter, including investments from Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google chairman Eric Schmid.

The sales representative said to look for them at Home Depot for about $150. That would be incredibly cheap.

Presenting the Cure for Overflowbia: Contrac® Flush Guard™ Anti-Overflow Toilets with the unique, patented anti-overflow drain system. Three holes in the back of the bowl, plus drain holes in the rim, all leading to a secondary, self-cleaning drain path. Yes, Contrac® Toilets feature the strongest flush available, but we all know that sometimes, that isn’t enough. The system requires no special installation or plumbing; it fits into a standard waste pipe. Contrac®  Toilet with Flush Guard™ have the largest footprint in the industry, making it perfect for replacement as well as new construction

SkyReceptacle is about $60.

The safest and easiest new standard to installing ceiling lights and fans. Surprisingly cheap and many new home builders are now using this.

They didn't have any demos, but I know some of you have been looking for a more economical solution. This may be it.

I've been a fan of Delta's Breeze line for a while, and this new series looks to be big improvement in energy efficiency and also offering a dimmable light.

6. hovr Strong Solutions is offering a strong floating shelf solution. Check out the video below. If you are interested get 20% off by using the code KBIS24 at checkout, good until 12/31/24.

7. Aquafire Water Vapor Built-in Electric Fireplace Inserts

I saw a lot of fireplace inserts at the show, but this was the only one that was using water vapor technology. It consumes about 2 liters every 20 hours. I don't think you'll run this 20 hours a day, but when you do, it's got a very cool vibe to it. Pricing is similar to other high-end fireplace inserts.

I'm hoping to go to Consumer Electronics Show next year, if you plan to be there, let me know we can check out the latest electronics for home conveniences and security.

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