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Brookvale - The Best Hidden Gem of Fremont

Updated: Feb 8

Most people know Fremont for Mission or Irvington areas in the South and Ardenwood in the North, but one of my favorite neighborhoods in Fremont is Brookvale.

Map of the neighborhoods of Fremont: Brookvale, Northgate, Ardenwood, lakes and birds, Centerville, Parkmont, Glenmoor, sundale, 28 Palms, Blacow, south sundale, Canyon Heights, Niles
Fremont Neighborhoods

Located between Northgate, Cabrillo, Niles, Centerville and Parkmont, it offers the easiest access to the most serene, and attractive parks in the east bay - Quarry Lakes and the Alameda Creek Trail. There are many trails to walk or bike and you can even explore a rare fruit tree grove to explore (MAP), from which you are allowed to pick from. On the South side of the park is Alameda Creek Trail, which is also very popular with dog owners and bikers. One direction takes you to the bay and the other to Niles Canyon.

Here's what you can expect to see at Quarry Lakes and on the Alameda Creek Trail.

There are 4 main sub-neighborhoods in Brookvale.

  1. Mission Lakes - Built between 1979 to 1987 by Shapell (considered a quality builder today). These homes are the newest construction in Brookvale and also have larger floor plans than in the other sub-neighborhoods. They consist of single story and two story homes. This community has wider streets than most neighborhoods, and the easiest access to Quarry Lakes and Alameda Creek Trail. Most lot sizes are around 5000 sqft but there are larger ones as well. On the West side of the community, there has been a proposal to build a connection corridor since the 1980's. The only city still pursuing this is Union City. Funding has been the struggle in accomplishing it.

  2. Brookvale Central - These homes along Nicolet Ave and Tamayo Ave. were built in 1967-1973 by Signature (considered a quality builder). They were all originally single stories but some owners added second stories to them. The benefit of living off of Nicolet is short walk to the schools.

  3. Brookvale South- The homes here closest to Alder Ave were built in 1973. These homes vary in style, and construction. You will find a section here with zero lot lines.

  4. Brookvale North- These homes were built 1972 to 1993. The ones built in the 70's are from the same builder as in section 2. These homes are farther from the schools.

Brookvale has Great Schools, they score high in academics, do well in placement into UCs and also are some of the newest schools in the district, primarily because all the other schools are much older.

American High School

Thornton Jr. High School

Brookvale Elementary School

Geo-Centric Location

Brookvale's geocentric location allows for Easy Access to BART, Hwy 880, Hwy 84, Hwy 680. Almost all cities are within a 45 minute drive from Brookvale. Also all airports are within a 25-35 minute drive.

Quietest Neighborhood

Even though Brookvale is close to transportation it's not directly adjacent to it, like in Ardenwood, Niles, Northgate and Parkmont. This means you won't wake up to a train whistle or be disturbed by freeway noise as you host a party in your backyard.

Easy Grocery Shopping

You are 10 minutes away from shopping at: Wholefoods, Trader Joes, Safeway, Lucky's, Sprouts, and Farmer markets.


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